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Authored article, “Move Your Audience to Action: Using YouTube to Teach Persuasion.”

For more than 75 years, instructors have taught students to use Monroe's (1935) Motivated Sequence (MMS) when organizing speeches designed to move audiences to action. However, modern approaches to teaching the sequence are needed to help instructors remain relevant and effective. This activity advocates the use of constructivist pedagogical techniques to accommodate the learning styles of today's students. It incorporates hands-on problem solving, peer feedback, collaborative work, blended instruction, and discovery using social media. Communication instructors that use this activity can expect students to be highly engaged in and have a positive perception of their learning experience. This activity is appropriate for the following courses: Basic Communication, Public Speaking, and Persuasion.

Quagliata, A. B. (2014). Move your audience to action: Using YouTube to teach persuasion. Communication Teacher, 28(3), 183-187.

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