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Authored article “University Festival Promotes STEM Education.”

STEM education is argued as an essential ingredient in preparing our children for careers of the future. This paper describes a university festival that includes the promotion of STEM-related career interests in young people among its goals. A total of 203 participants between the age of 7 and 17 completed both pre-event and post-event surveys. In addition, 86 participants submitted self-reflections on what they enjoyed and learned from this experience. Results suggest the event increased participants interest in STEM-related careers. In addition, the event provided opportunities for participants to have personal dialogues with college students whom they regarded as role models, and helped them make the connection between subjects taught in school and careers they knew before, as well as new career paths.

Quagliata, A. B. (2015). University Festival Promotes STEM Education. Journal of STEM Education: Innovations and Research, 16(3), 20.

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