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Entrepreneurial Storytelling

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

I spoke about entrepreneurial storytelling at an event sponsored by the Cornell Entrepreneurship Club this week. During this and other talks on the topic, I emphasize that storytelling is a universal component of human communication and offer tools entrepreneurs can use to share their own stories in a compelling way. We can all benefit from one tool I share. When planning to share a story at an upcoming presentation or meeting, consider using the following framework.

  1. When…. (a time in your life)

  2. Then I realized…. (you observed a problem)

  3. Because of that…. (steps you took to address the problem)

  4. Since then I’ve learned…. (big picture take away)

This four-part framework can give your stories structure and make them easier for you to remember. You can also use this framework to answer behavioral interview questions.

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