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Twitter Talk: A Low-Stakes Public Speaking Activity

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

A classroom activity I shared with my colleagues at the Association for Business Communication’s annual conference in Miami last year was recently published in the Business and Professional Communication Quarterly. After a triple-blind peer-review process, the details of the activity are available in ABC’s refereed journal devoted to the teaching of business communication..

I have used this activity for the last six years in my Business Writing for Hospitality Professionals course. Prior to the semester’s first graded presentation, students prepare a 1- to 2-minute presentation based on information they find in an article related to communication on my Twitter page. Students are instructed to find one article that interests them and summarize the relevant details for their classmates. After students present, they receive oral peer feedback, complete a written reflection, and receive instructor feedback. This activity results in a variety of positive outcomes including more confidence, greater self-awareness, and improved understanding of the preparation required for high-stakes presentations.

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